How to avoid your leaflets being binned

Leaflet distribution, otherwise known as door drop distribution or leaflet drop, is one of the most underrated advertising techniques that businesses take for granted with their marketing campaigns.

There are common misconceptions around leaflet advertising. Most people think that leaflet distribution is old fashioned and simply think that leaflets will end up in the bin; when in fact, it’s one of the most trusted media advertising forms and when done correctly it does work!
No business enjoys seeing their marketing budgets being wasted when it can be easily avoided. In this blog post, we are going to share some tips on how to make sure your leaflet stands out to help your campaigns work effectively and to result in a successful campaign.

How can you ensure that the leaflets you send out don’t end up in the bin?

The key reason why leaflets are found in the bin is purely because the leaflet has been put in front of the eyes of someone who isn’t in the target audience for that specific campaign.
The mistake that people often focus on is quantity over quality. The easiest way to avoid spamming customers is to ensure that a campaign is created to be specifically targeted right from the start. You can achieve this by using household density and postcode sector level to target areas that hold a high number of consumers keen for your business.
Another important factor to consider is who you choose to deliver your leaflets. If you have a high delivery and still use local distributors, your leaflets are likely to be delivered alongside competitors. This will have an impact on your campaign and business, as you will be competing with similar business and it could risk your campaign failing. Using reliable distributors, such as CWT Distribution, means guaranteed zero competitive items. If you are using a company like Royal Mail to deliver the leaflets, it will add the benefit of being added alongside day-to-day post, meaning it adds more of a result on the doormat as its seen with other post.

Important factors to consider for a successful leaflet distribution campaign

Leaflet Design

Leaflet design is crucial for your audience to interact with and for you to get something back from the campaign, whether that be an increase in purchases or more footfall through the door. It’s important to ensure that your leaflet is eye-catching, as this will provide reassurance of your message getting noticed by the user and it will be easy for the consumer to digest.


Advertising and marketing is always around us, whether its social media, emails or adverts. We live in an advertising world! When designing and making leaflets, it’s important to keep in mind that the leaflet needs to be clear and high quality to give a reason why people should hold onto the leaflet. Discounts and offers can help a final push to get the reader to take action with the leaflet. Offers are a great way to grab the audience’s attention; by incentivise your audience, they are more likely to stick around which leads to potential customer.

Leaflet Delivery

When distributing your leaflets to your customers, it is important to make sure that customers are not receiving too many copies of the same flyers. You want to be using a high rated leaflet distribution company to distribute your leaflets. Brochures with minimal features won’t stand out enough and can often be seen as spammy, which is not an ideal image to represent to your business and receiving more flyers like this will end up in the recycling bin.

A few things to check with the leaflet distributors

• GPS tracking for all deliveries
• Various types of leaflet distribution
• Reviews customers have left
• Who’s carrying out the drops

Find out more about CWT Distribution’s successful leaflet door drop campaigns

Providing you follow the set out of this article, you will be sure you have a successful leaflet door drop campaign that will perform well and your leaflet will not end up in the bin. If you’re looking for a company that reaches these requirements, CWT Distribution will meet your needs. We are here to make your campaigns work, so get in touch with us to find out more.

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