London door dropping

door dropping services for the london area

Control in the field is one critical element of the success of our clients’ door drop campaigns. Our London wide distribution teams are fully supervised, uniformed & tracked Live.

We offer three main types of door to door distribution to suit all clients and budgets. Leaflets, flyers, magazines, brochures or samples are delivered by our own dedicated distribution teams.

Solus Distribution – The delivery of a single promotional item on its own, Solus Distribution is the most effective way of getting your message to your target audience. Using Solus Distribution ensures maximum doormat impact and gives you complete campaign flexibility.

Prices start from £85.00 per 1000 items

Shared Distribution. – Shared with a maximum of two other non-conflicting items, shareplan is a highly affordable and effective way to reach your target market. Save up to 40% compared Royal Mail D2D distribution.

Prices start from £45.00 per 1000 items

Selective Distribution. – Selective distribution lets you pinpoint your door drop requirements to reach a more defined audience.  Selective distribution is perfect when your campaign needs to be more specific, delivered to selected roads, certain property types or demographic groups.

Prices start from £125 per 1000 items


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