Demographic targeting

How to use Demographics to target your leaflet Distribution Audience

We are frequently asked ‘how do you target specific audiences for leaflet distribution campaigns?’. Well, we can research and gather data that can create impactful and effective campaigns for businesses. We can drill right down into the categories and pull data to ensure that your leaflet distribution campaign is being put in front of the right people.
Using postcode data alone does not give us enough information regarding the house type, so we use a tool called Mosaic to target down your local area to target a specific audience type that will respond to your market offering.

What is Mosaic demographics?

Mosaic is a cross-channel system which segments the population into 15 groups and 66 types to help understand people’s customer behavior. Through this targeting method, we are able to gather postcodes sector that will help target a businesses’ audience.

The UK is split into groups ranging from A to profile K, from high living in central locations like London to urban houses facing challenges. If Mosaics pre-set profiles don’t fit your audience, then you are able to build your own audience type. If you’re not sure with your audience type, we are able to review your current data and see what mosaic groups they fall into. Just let us know if you need any help!

How we use Mosaic demographics in a leaflet campaign

Once the audience has been picked, we will run a report across a geographical area, depending on where the service has been placed. We typically work with an area of 10-15 miles that works well and then we will do a report for all postcodes that will be covered.

The reporting process

We will create a Demographic report, which will look over the most common leaflet distribution criteria that we are asked to identify over the years by our clients from using our Mosaic system. This includes areas where people are likely to live such as middle/upper classes, families, students and unemployment.

The report will help pick the most appropriate area where you want to distribute your leaflets. The report will show the postcodes that were selected in the area with the most target audience living there; this will give a better understanding of how many households you can potentially target.

Demographic reporting will also offer a report where it will indicate sectors and colour code to represent how many clients live there. Incorporating targeted door drops into your campaign allows you to ensure that you reach the right audience in a powerful and cost-efficient way.

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