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The DMA has published its annual door drop report in partnership with JICMAIL. If you would like to receive a copy, please email us. The report provides valuable insights into the leaflet distribution industry in 2023, including key data on spend and volume. Here are some of the highlights.

Key statistics on leaflet distribution

The report revealed that the average person in the UK interacts with a Door Drop 3.1 times a month. These calculations allow us to measure the reach of ads, meaning that 1 million Door Drops will reach 1.05 million people. Impressively, a leaflet distribution campaign can generate around 3.3 million impressions or impacts, as each person interacts with the average door drop 3.1 times.

Young audiences present new opportunities

The report also highlights new targeting opportunities for advertisers in the mail channel, particularly with younger audiences. In 2018, the average under-35-year-old interacted with Door Drops less than 35- to 54-year-olds and those aged 55-plus. However, the engagement of this age group has surpassed the other groups in recent years. Although the gap narrowed in 2022, younger audiences remain the most engaged group overall. In a world of digital comms saturation where platforms are battling fiercely for consumer attention, the challenges of reaching young people with marketing messages are more acute than for the rest of the population.

Leaflet distribution remains a robust medium

Overall, the 2023 data reports suggest that leaflet distribution in London remains robust, and should be considered a key part of the marketing mix. At CWT we work with brands all over the UK, including advertising agencies, public sector authorities and directly with brand owners. Whether you require local, regional, or national leaflet distribution, CWT can deliver outstanding results. Get in touch for further information about our services.

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