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Benefits of door drops for charities

Charites across the UK have been using leaflet distribution over 50 years to drive new donations. In 2019, almost 242 million charity leaflets were distributed to homes in 2019 and in 2021 it is still a popular marketing method for charities looking to reach their existing audience and new demographics. Read on to find out more about the benefits of leaflet door drops for charities.

Leaflet distribution for charities

Leaflet distribution for charities is a very effective marketing method – this is due to the fact that leaflets are kept in the home and shared with family and friends, so each leaflet has the potential to be viewed again and again. People are not just reading the flyers that they receive either, they are acting on them too by visiting charity websites and pledging donations.

In a recent Royal Mail study on the charity sector, charities that participated in the survey found direct mail and door drops to be the preferred methods of communication between charities and consumers. This proves furthermore that leaflets are used by many industries as a cost-effective way of communicating with new customers.

During lockdown, the use of door drops by charities increased their marketing by 4%. One charity said it received over £30,000 more than it normally would in telephone donations as a result of a leafleting campaign.

Charities play an essential role in bringing support and services to those who are most in need and often take the strain from overstretched local authorities. The sector must fight to optimise funds and retain donors.

The Power of Print at a glance

So why is leaflet distribution such a popular marketing method?  Here we explore:




















People engage with door drops at home, as a very eye-catching medium


Door drops do not use personal data


The physical nature of door drops helps engage customers


With advanced targeting, door drops reach your desired results


73% of door drops are opened, read, filed or set aside for later

Why should charities use direct mail?

With the right tools for leaflet distribution, it has the power to provoke emotions. Messages which can reward and excite, shock or concern. Essentially, mail can deliver the most important benefit for your charity – driving your stakeholders to take action. Whether its increasing awareness; showcasing how your charity makes use of donations; appealing for donations or to encourage engagement.

Now is the time to plan your door drop campaign with CWT Distribution

A well-structured door to door campaign can produce the results you need for your charity, whether that be touching base with your existing audience or reaching out to ne, broader audience.

If you would like to find out more about our nationwide leaflet distribution services, please email today on info@cwtdistribution.com to speak to a member of the team. Alternatively you can call us directly on 0208 590 0083.

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